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-immediate delivery of files

-corporate instagram, flickr, etc. service

-coordination with community manager and communication responsable


-impression of photographic quality copies in real time during events

-outdoor sessions with studio lighting

-languages ENG/DE/FR/CAT/ESP


-wedding pictures in a CD, old school album or digital album, your choice!

-photocall for weddings (lighting, costumes and accessories, ideas)

-give pictures as presents to your guests!

-musical slideshows with the event's pictures

-color/vintage/black&white albums

-picture boxes with fine art prints

-weddings in all Europe



-family sessions in your home or chosen location

-The hobby sessions. Do you practice any sport? Are you a collector? Do you have a hobby? Do you want to capture it all in pictures? Buy a hobby session! Why not give a hobby session as a present? Ask us about it! ​​

-indoors/outdoors Books

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